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Lemay Housing Partnership, Inc. (LHP)

Website: http://www.lemayhousing.org

Phone: 314-631-9905

Fax: 314-631-4921

Mailing address:

PO Box 16356

Lemay, MO 63125


Reginald Scott

Executive Director



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Geographic areas served
Greater St. Louis metro area
Date they started providing services
What they do

In 2010, LHP made four previously foreclosed, vacant properties available for affordable sale, provided professional home repairs for 33 homeowners (double the number from previous years) and worked with over 500 volunteers to improve over 35 properties. In 2011, LHP acquired 6 vacant homes to transform into affordable homes for sale, are on track to repair 50 homes and once again work with 100's of volunteers. In 2011, we determined that 87% of the homeowners we assisted in 2006 have not needed to request additional assistance from us and that 70% are still living in their homes. LHP stabilizes communities by helping make Lemay a place everyone can be proud to call home.

Who they serve

Our direct services are available only to Lemay residents (17,000). Because of limited funding, we prioritize those to receive assistance in the following ways; in danger of becoming homeless, seniors and the elderly, low and very-low income.

In 2010 this meant that we reached the following types of families:

- 30% Home owners (HO) are 65 yrs or older

- 50% have a disability

- 14 children total

- 67% of HO are <50% Area Median Income (AMI).

- 30% of HO are <30% AMI.

- 61% are female HOH (head of household)

- 18% HOH single due to death of spouse.

- 76% 1-2 person households

- 12% Veterans

- 17% 8th grade

- 46% only had some high school or diploma or GED

- 25% had some college

- 4% had special education

- 8% had trade school

How they serve

We provide affordable homes for sale, professional home repairs that improve the health and safety of the homeowner, volunteer beautification efforts, and homeowner education.


Short term:

100% of participants attend education classes.

86% learned about energy efficient home repairs.

90% learned about HO insurance.

100% find the class valuable.

100% learned something that made them a better homeowner.


100% of program participants have new or functioning smoke detectors in their homes.

99% of participants complete the program.

90% of homeowners stay in home for 2-5 years.

100% were provided at lease 1 resource or referral

Long term:

87% don't reapply for assistance

70% in home over 5 years after the program completion

Stabilized households.

Prolonged residency occupancy.

Financial empowerment.

75% of home values protected or increased.

Success story

Laura (name changed) works a full-time minimum wage job. She can't afford a car and walks to work. Her employer's health insurance costs were too high so she dropped it. She ignored her teeth pains and the housing needs and just kept working. Until one day it became too much. By working with LHP's Healthy Housing Advocate, a woman with her Masters in Social Work, Laura was able to get the housing assistance she needed and was referred to a local dental clinic. She has new teeth and feels secure in her home. In her thank you note, she said she was in so much pain she didn't realize how bad it was until she got the help she needed to get healthy.

They collaborate with:

LHP is the fiscal agent for the Metro Saint Louis Home Repair Network. http://www.stlhomerepairnetwork.org/

LHP serves on the advisory committee for Community Builders Network http://stlmcdn.weebly.com/

LHP is a member of the Lemay Chamber of Commerce http://lemaychamber.com/ and helped start the Lemay Nonprofit Roundtable and works with Community Resource Team and Senior Resource Team

Member of

Grassroots http://www.grassroots.org

Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association


Foreclosure Prevention Task Force

MoneySmart Week Saint Louis

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Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation

319 N. 4th Street, Suite 300, Saint Louis, MO 63102-1906
tel 314-588-8200, fax 314-588-8088