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Share Your Charity's Story

Thank you for including your organizational profile in YourGivingLink, a database of regional charities that is provided by the St. Louis Community Foundation. YourGivingLink connects donors to charities that are doing the work that is most important to them. Your Giving Link provides an excellent opportunity for your organization to communicate your work to our donors at a time that they are considering a funding decision.

We hope that your profile on our site will be engaging enough to lead donors to your organization to learn more about the work you do. Think of YourGivingLink as a conversation between you and a potential charitable partner. Share the good work you do. Let us know what dreams you have for your charity. And lead that donor to your website or to a person in your organization that can help them continue the conversation with you.

Questions? Contact Jenny Praytor at 314.880.4966.

Please note: If you wish to participate in Give STL Day, our annual 24 hour online giving event, you will need to register separately on that page here.


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